W.P. Kolens & Associates
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Parco vacuum priming system (lower left) for high service pumps and 10" Val-Matic Ener.G AWWA ball valve (in vertical discharge piping) to control the starting and stopping of the high service pump.


Incorporated in 2002, W.P. Kolens & Associates, Inc. is an Ohio manufacturer's representative for top quality valves and fluid handling components for the water and wastewater industry. Our products control flow in each stage of the treatment process and after leaving the plant, pumping, distribution and storage.

Cla-Val Pipeline Strainer

Cla-Val pipeline strainer connected to the inlet of a Cla-Val 12" two-way flow (double-acting) altitude valve for controlling high water level in an elevated water storage tank.


Latanick Watt 6" rack & pinion telescoping valve for decanting aerobic digesters in a wastewater treatment plant.


Tru-Tech 3" and 4" diaphragm valves for digester gas service in a wastewater treatment plant.


Val-Matic 24" Surge-Buster check valves on the discharge of raw water pumps and 24" AWWA butterfly valves drawing suction from a river for treatment at the plant.


K-Tork actuator equipped with de-clutch manual override and "fail-safe" air receiver mounted on an extended valve bonnet attached to a 30" butterfly valve to control the supply of potable water to a large wastewater treatment plant.


BIF 12" Filter Effluent Rate of Flow Controller with Electric Motor Actuator.


Latanick Equipment Watt rack & pinion telescoping valve mounted on wall bracket used to drain supernatant from aerobic digester in a WWTP.

Telescopic Valve

14" Val-Matic Ener.G AWWA ball valve equipped with K-Tork pneumatic actuator pump control assembly for controlling the start/stop of a 4,000 GPM centrifugal pump in a water treatment plant.

14 inch Ball Valve

Cla-Val 24" Reservoir Fill Control Valve with Electronic Pilot System for Filling a Municipal Ground Water Storage Tank while Maintaining Backpressure in the Distribution System.

Heather Downs 24 inch Reservoir Fill Control Valve